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The Minecraft Server

The VTA Games Minecraft server provides a fun and reliable Minecraft environment that uses Craftbukkit along with popular plugins to enrich the gameplay experience. Apply to be whitelisted below.

The Forum

The VTA Games Forum is a place for members to discuss Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and anything else. The forum is free to join and doesn't require being whitelisted on the Minecraft server to access.

The Discord Server

The VTA Games Discord server is a place to discuss strategy in team based games, and chat with other gamers. The Discord server currently invite only. On Discord, add Nate!#5230 and request an invite!

The Control Panel

The Minecraft Control Panel is a custom built CGI that controls aspects of the VTA Games Minecraft server gameplay. The Control Panel is perfect for running on tablets and mobile phones and seamlessly integrates some of the most common Bukkit commands adding a new and unique approach to Minecraft gameplay only found here.

The Map

The VTA Games Minecraft Map allows players an easy way to navigate the world and interact with other players without taking up inventory for a Map. The map is best viewed on a secondary display or tablet.

The Blog

Follow the VTA Games Blog to stay up-to-date with server updates, planned downtime, and outage information.